Top 5 questions you should ask a moving company

19 May 2017
Larose Team

Finding a reliable mover can be daunting, but knowing the right questions to ask will help you through the process. We reached out to one of our preferred movers, Rawlinson Moving & Storage Ltd, to find out what top 5 questions you should be asking, key answers to their long term success, and why we refer them to our clients. 

  1. Ask friends, neighbours and co-workers for personal recommendations and warnings.

  2. Talk to the mover: Spend some time talking with your prospective movers. It’s a good sign if they take the time to understand your moving needs.

  3. Hourly rates: Be careful with low hourly rates. A professional moving company ultimately saves you money. The lowest hourly rate for a local move is not necessarily the final price.

  4. Claims: Occasionally, no matter how careful a moving company is, an item may be damaged. It’s important to review their claims policy.

  5. Deposit: Professional companies don’t require a significant deposit before moving. Ask about the upfront costs.