Blog - Mississauga Market ReportMississauga September 2020- Last month we reported record sales numbers for August 2020 in the GTA as well as Mississauga. September has broken some new records with a 42% increase in unit sales over September 2019 and a 14% increase in average price.2020-11-02T14:25:00Zba5ca000-a922-44fa-a119-ab1cffa6eeba - Mississauga Market ReportMississauga September 2020- The local real estate market continues to defy the odds and there are good reasons for it. Unit sales are up 22%, average price is up 27% and you can get a 5 year closed mortgage for less than 1.99%.The detached market has been exceptionally strong with the biggest price gains.2020-10-01T16:33:00Zb6a13589-cfbf-46d3-951f-a8cda177c88f Summer Housing Market Fuels Price IncreaseMississauga July 2020- The strength of the housing market recovery in the GTA has been surprising to say the least. July saw one of the largest gains on the Toronto Real Estate Board in years as the average price of a home topped the record breaking prices set in April 2017.2020-09-01T15:27:00Z7f906f0e-e2e5-4844-b6d8-654baeca977a the Port- Port Credit’s Gift Card InitiativePurchase a Support the Port gift card now to support Port Credit local businesses. Port Credit BIA along with our community partners Brightwater, Edenshaw and Port Credit Community Foundation will match the funds with a donation to the Compass Food Bank!2020-07-22T14:24:00Zbadf1122-e9a3-4c6b-ae55-17b53989b343 Values Remain Unchanged Despite Drop in SalesIts very challenging to predict whats ahead for the housing market. 2020-06-24T15:37:00Z174c01d4-2f64-42a6-ae91-cb89fcdc1323– not as usualFirst and foremost we at the Larose Real Estate Team would like to extend our best wishes for health and safety to you are your families at these uncertain and challenging times.2020-03-18T00:46:00Z3b2e0c32-9a2a-476d-bff6-137bf5947465 2020 Market ReportMISSISSAUGA, February 2020- Its official. “Its a Sellers market and buyers will have to get used to it’ says Kevin Larose from the Larose Team. 2020-02-26T18:04:00Zc0cffbcf-595e-443e-8ced-c0960f0737e7 2020 Market ReportTORONTO, January 2020 - The Toronto Real Estate Board reported total sales for calendar year 2019 were 87,825 units – up 12.6 per cent compared to the decade low 78,015 sales reported in 2018.2020-01-30T15:56:00Zccde774b-50dc-4bae-a86e-c3288a10ab9f Market ReportDecember, 2019 -- Toronto Real Estate Board reported 7,090 sales through TREB’s MLS® System in November 2019 – a 14.2 per cent increase compared to November 2018. 2019-12-20T16:11:00Z399693b6-1f11-4489-a2c1-89ed3bac6fcf in Port CreditWinter in PC2019-11-21T15:03:00Z196b3747-3c22-4821-9eb6-452ec242a0b0 Condos - Exclusive Broker VIP EventIn partnership with Edenshaw & The Larose Real Estate Team2019-11-19T18:08:00Zb94d21b8-da93-4737-ac24-e4a6859129cf Market ReportTREB recorded strong September results across the GTA with a 22% increase in unit sales across all home types. The overall average sales price was flat to last year and the supply of new listings is down which will put pressure on prices as we move through into spring.2019-10-21T16:28:00Z894f1240-fede-4328-915c-58031b6ccd8a SPOTLIGHT VIDEO SERIESLooking for a dog training and daycare spot for your furry friend? Natasha Jelinek visits The Dog Stop, a daycare Natasha takes her dog during the week. ⠀2019-10-03T18:41:00Z7af5028d-e731-4345-b26d-c053f0a01ea5 SPOTLIGHT VIDEO SERIESThis week, our newest member of the team, Patricia Kelso, visits her family’s favourite fish & chip restaurant - Country Fish & Chips.2019-09-26T17:21:00Zc7248761-0a3c-49c8-9b41-ef8682d1294e Spotlight Video SeriesAs crucial as it is to do good business, just as important are our connections to our community. 2019-09-19T17:13:00Z851bb7c8-88a8-420e-b205-e6bd60550bfa 2019 Market ReportGreater Toronto Area sales in August represented a 13.4 per cent increase in unit sales compared to 6,797 sales reported in August 2018. GTA-wide sales were up on a year-over-year basis for all major market segments with the strongest gains in the detached home category. 2019-09-17T13:36:00Z8bc1704c-2c73-4d7e-bff5-052cb3d737c4 2019 Market ReportIf you are looking to sell your luxury home, the process can be tricky as luxury buyers are prepared to wait it out for the perfect home with all the right high end amenities.2019-08-26T14:52:00Z7ae7c2bc-f964-430e-a3d6-a53c15e563d3 2019 Market WatchTORONTO, July, 2019 – Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 8,860 sales through TREB’s MLS® System in June 2019 representing a 10.4 per cent increase over June 20182019-07-22T17:07:00Za541f68a-960d-46b9-b56b-1600d5d5b4cf 2019 Market ReportToronto May 2019- After a very long slow start, new listings and prices in the GTA’S real estate market surged ahead in May. The same goes for Mississauga as May marks the 2nd consecutive month that sales have climbed sharply compared to 2018. 2019-06-24T15:31:00Z2c27c7b1-ead2-4edc-8eaa-418d524c3ebf EventsThe warmer weather is almost here to stay – and that means the summertime events are ready to kick off! 2019-05-24T13:42:00Z0f91a3ca-883a-4db7-8491-c520d14b375f Market ReportWith new listings spiking in April, May is starting off to be a brisk month for real estate sales. In the GTA, sales jumped 16.8% in April and the average sales price was up 1.9%. 2019-05-22T14:30:00Zdf9af333-72fa-4829-ba88-99e1fa964b96 Market ReportToronto- Sales in the GTA were flat in March compared to March 2018 as many buyers remained on the sidelines and new listings declined. Strong areas continue to experience multiple offers which have resulted in a very small average price decline of 2.4 percent for detached homes.2019-04-24T14:27:00Zd9804054-a494-46fa-bbaf-0d4e7b852ccf Market ReportTREB reported February sales in the GTA slipped 2.4% from last year and new listings were down 6.2 percent. The average price was up 1.6% overall.2019-03-19T18:09:00Zb5761d01-156c-4de9-ab0c-ed64ddd931e7 YOU Love It or List It?Despite what real estate reality shows might have led you to believe, the decision to sell your home isn’t simple — and it definitely isn’t a decision that you can reach in 30 minutes2019-03-11T14:41:00Zb71647f1-8f2e-46c6-aba2-9cb3af79e5fe 5 Tips for Downsizing and DeclutteringWe've all seen or heard about Marie Kondo's KonMarie method about tidying up and decluttering your home (unless you've been living under a rock). Spark a new joy in your life by clearing out the clutter to prepare for downsizing!2019-03-08T15:38:00Zc25e90bb-a703-42f7-aacb-3689b1edf80b Home Sales Expect To Rebound In 2019​January 2019- Mississauga fared better than Toronto in January according to TREB data just released this week. 2019-02-25T15:54:00Zca020a01-cafc-44ac-b8ae-a6bfffc835b8 Date Night Spots For Valentine's DayWhether you’re looking for a romantic date night out with your significant other this Valentine’s Day, or if you are avoiding the holiday entirely and plan on staying cozy on the couch, we’ve got you covered!2019-02-04T18:41:00Z30341896-f2d9-451c-85cd-e6eb2190387f 2019 We can sum up the current real estate market in the GTA in 2 words- interest rates. There has been a lot of talk over the past month about where the interest rates are headed for 2019.2019-01-30T16:25:00Zcc5cfb16-8fa6-46d6-b85e-ed84df250528 To Find The Right Neighbourhood For YouIt's not easy to choose the perfect neighbourhood for you or your family. Let's face it, your neighbourhood is just as important as your house. 2019-01-22T14:50:00Zd6561403-22cc-45cc-8751-1089da6639e3 Market ReportMississauga- As we wind down 2018, the big story now is where interest rates are headed for 2019.2018-12-20T15:23:00Zec33d1ab-13a0-46ba-8185-775b82ff8a40 Mississauga - Celebrating 25 years!Options Mississauga in Port Credit celebrated their 25th anniversary last night with friends, family, and community members. 2018-12-06T16:07:00Zf93bd7b3-5ab6-497c-a7f2-29f1011e56f2 at the LighthouseChristmas at the Lighthouse is on Saturday, December 1st in the parking lot just south of the lighthouse. A family event that features pictures with Santa, interactive ice sculptures, kids crafts, a storyteller, live entertainment, festive artisan market vendors and more.2018-11-27T17:03:00Z04a790d2-cbba-4911-80f9-f1ead533904b Market ReportOctober 2018- Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 7,492 sales through TREB’s MLS® system in October 2018 – a 6% per cent increase over October 2017.2018-11-21T18:52:00Z29309f11-97ab-42a6-8d34-d120b0cc44c3 Agent MastermindAre you looking to accelerate your business? Do you want to learn the proven mindsets, systems and strategies that some of the most successful agents are utilizing in today’s industry?2018-11-05T18:37:00Zd8c6baa2-a1ff-4d94-af91-b352c62e3c04 Market ReportToo often, both buyers and sellers are let down by false promises and unfulfilled expectations. We’ve found that straight talk, thoughtful communication, and an educated strategy simply work better. 2018-10-24T13:38:00Z95d7e4f9-1ac4-4fad-b6d3-3342fd6ff963 Market Report‘Sales were up in August and we forecast a strong fall season’ says Kevin Larose for the Larose Team. We are experiencing some inventory shortages in some of our key areas and are working on digging up private deals for buyers that we have looking for a good property here in Port Credit. 2018-09-26T16:52:00Z7ad23497-39c0-4db8-9f8a-1b8c2c77a990 prices now availableIn the news today, the Supreme Court has mandated a new ruling for TREB that will make home sales data publicly available through password protected websites.2018-08-29T14:45:00Z64bd75a0-ece1-4215-be35-ead56ec03280 Market ReportIt comes as a relief to some people looking to get into the market that home prices have remained fairly stable over the past few months, with some home types becoming slightly less expensive month over month.2018-08-20T17:22:00Z6118eb55-b4cc-4279-a324-fcf048b8c6e3 Jim ToveyMississauga’s Music Walk of Fame in Port Credit Memorial Park was established in 2012 by the late Councillor Jim Tovey. This inaugural ceremony recognizes the amazing musical talents that have come out of Mississauga.2018-07-20T13:34:00Z10a6d84b-53f0-436a-b85a-e93237167256 Market Report Selling or buying a home is one of life’s biggest decisions. The foundation of the Larose real estate team is based on a strong belief in ‘our client’s needs come first’. For us, the most satisfying feeling is the knowledge that we have been instrumental in helping our clients make the best real estate choice for their family.2018-07-03T14:57:00Z68c4d9dc-b044-4062-9d6c-61a44e08e365 VIP ViewingJoin us for an exclusive VIP viewing of this stately home in the prestigious mineola west neighbourhood.2018-06-12T16:59:00Z7abbc96a-b57a-480d-9887-c64e7c34afbb Market ReportMay 2018 – Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 7,792 sales through TREB’s MLS® system in April 2018- down 32.1% on a year-over-year basis.2018-05-28T13:53:00Z17e30627-c027-41e0-b328-ea6d47ea7bb9 the Larose Team's League of Extraordinary AgentsWe take care of you. This has been Kevin Larose’s philosophy and his north star ever since he started in real estate 18 years ago. 2018-05-24T14:04:00Z22bc880b-d636-4bae-860a-5c7599cb3255 your average Spring flingIf you haven’t heard, a lot’s abuzz in Mississauga’s most charming (not to mention up and coming) neighbourhood this season.2018-05-14T14:37:00Za7129999-71f6-4ff3-99ff-7936f6f9e375 Day 2018Today, we give back. Keller Williams annual day of service – Each year on the second Thursday of May we celebrate RED Day as part of our legacy worth leaving.2018-05-11T17:24:00Zb7c28604-ce93-4948-9a36-2a0f4ab73743 Bite CountsThis Spring, Port Credit will be the host of Mississauga’s inaugural VegFest, a festival celebrating everything involving the vegetarian lifestyle.2018-05-04T17:40:00Z76a0643d-6455-4aaf-ad9b-0438def40861 Veronica DriveA Spectacular 5+1 Bedroom Home In Prestigious Mineola West! A sophisticated and luxurious retreat on a professionally landscaped 87.17 x 200 ft. lot, this custom built home is immaculately designed with every detail carefully selected and quality crafted. Features of this unique home include 150 year plank flooring, soaring vaulted ceilings, an abundance of windows, a chef-inspired kitchen, bedrooms with their own ensuite bathrooms, and a finished lower level with heated flooring, a theatre room, wet bar and nanny suite. One of a kind!2018-05-01T14:41:00Zffe62a07-4673-4230-8bf6-355932e936cc Mississauga Market Set to RiseIn the first quarter of 2018, sales in the Mississauga area have followed those in the GTA with unit sales plunging more than 29% and the average sales price down 11% compared to 2017.2018-04-23T19:46:00Z1f210bfa-4962-492c-b901-40546524f56f Market UpdateAs professional realtors in our neighbourhoods, understanding the market data and our role as information interpreters becomes more important than ever.2018-03-19T15:45:00Z1c29a919-8efc-4b6d-89b3-84475452fb9c Agent MastermindOur fearless leader among the best of the best this Thursday evening.2018-03-19T14:21:00Zb3630f52-7299-46bb-83fe-dede4d63d694 March Break ActivitiesLooking for March Break activities to do with the family around Mississauga? Our favourite is ‘Maple Magic’ located at the Bradely Museum. There’s no better way to soak up Canadian heritage than feasting on and learning about our traditional maple syrup. 2018-03-13T13:55:00Z707e2c4c-5f97-4e1a-b53c-3419395c8b65 SALES FALL SHARPLY IN JANUARY- TO BE EXPECTED Although most of the recent articles in the Globe and Mail and The Star seem somewhat gloomy, market results last January were highly unusual due to the spike in activity for the first few months of last year coupled with low inventory.2018-02-22T00:00:00Z3e636941-620e-44e5-af3e-eab0b4aa1d99 using light in interior design can brighten your moodWinter can be a dark time, both literally and figuratively. From yoga studios to cafés, however, recognition is growing of how light can be used to set an internal scene2018-02-01T17:11:00Z39079490-2746-4717-a400-35e136430b03 Results TORONTO, ONTARIO, January 2018 – The Toronto Real Estate Board recorded 92,394 sales through TREB’s MLS® System in 2017 which is is down 18.3 per cent2018-01-24T15:37:00Z583c559e-75da-4832-b406-23ce8949aee1 Watch - November 2017TREB stats - the demand for housing in the GTA is strong over and above the regular seasonal trend according to TREB.2017-12-21T14:58:00Zc322fb86-0f23-43b8-8454-a38018c9e139 sold data - What has changed?Mississauga- Last week, the Competition Bureau won an appeal forcing TREB to allow real estate companies to publicly post extensive data including sold prices on their websites. These data sites have been available to consumers in the U.S.A. for years. 2017-12-21T14:35:00Z8ee9c736-bac2-41e8-9321-7543f971514e Mortgage Rules Could Shut out 50,000 Potential Home BuyersTougher mortgage stress-testing rules could make it impossible for 40,000 to 50,000 Canadians to buy a home each 2017-12-05T16:39:00Ze7ba173c-6381-46b5-b024-6de991091776 at the LighthouseThe annual kick off the Christmas Season at the Lighthouse is this Saturday!! 2017-11-27T16:14:00Z4d1b41ce-c497-4345-ad38-21d8e0481799 MARKET - PREDICTIONS FAVOUR LONG TERM PRICE GROWTHThe real estate market in Mississauga has returned to more ‘balanced’ levels as we close off 2017. 2017-11-21T17:58:00Ze4d80b2a-2f81-4397-aba9-464bbaa9f210 back this ChristmasEach year our annual holiday card is one of a variety of festive cards with original art lovingly-designed by employees from Options, a not-for-profit charity in Port Credit. 2017-11-17T16:28:00Z74202ca4-b6d2-4b79-aa84-fb1f124f21c0 Port Credit lighthouse is about to get colourful!If you're big fan of Port Credit's iconic lighthouse, you might be happy to hear that the long-standing structure is about to enjoy a very significant enhancement.2017-11-01T15:06:00Zf340b68f-5be1-4819-8e12-32580c9b3d70 Rules for Mortgage Lending Coming in January 2018 A year go the government implemented a rule change where borrowers with less than 20% down had to qualify at the posted rate rather than their actual rate (which can be up to 200 basis points higher)2017-10-25T16:59:00Zdbfbce76-0db4-4859-bdee-5d6ae18f205d ‘take off’ as a real estate marketing toolIf a home is for sale in your neighbourhood, don’t be surprised to hear some buzzing overhead. ‘2017-10-20T15:34:00Z6df948ea-3290-4244-9282-c738b971ed83 are Back as Sanity Returns to the Housing MarketThe Greater Toronto housing market has shifted into buyers territory for the first time in 8 years and interested buyers are now being lured back as prices stabilize. The number of sales climbed in August compared to July, making it the first month over month increase since March. TREB still believes significant pent up demand is still out in the market, which should lead to sales increases.2017-09-26T14:41:00Zacdf99d9-1686-4859-9d1b-ca9db601c4b2 "Double-ending” in a Real Estate TransactionThe association representing Ontario's real estate agents is calling on the province to modify its plans to ban agents from representing both buyers and sellers in property transactions. 2017-09-20T15:37:00Z9c75a76c-1077-4e2a-80dd-2821b29e0607 Relief - Helping in Times of NeedThanks to the more than 3,500 Keller Williams agents who have volunteered in Houston and across Texas so far… we have helped more than 330 Keller Williams families clean up their homes. And, the work continues in Houston, Beaumont and in our Florida Regions.2017-09-13T17:47:00Zc10eb8dd-582a-47b1-87ab-9f32af8ba1a9 Fall Market - What the Experts are SayingIn 2011, Marlene and I put together a group of several of the top Real Estate professionals in the GTA to meet regularly and share ideas on how to better service our clients. These are 13 of the top realtors in our industry representing all real estate brokerages covering the GTA from Burlington to Oshawa all the way north to Barrie.2017-08-29T17:06:00Z18815103-36de-482b-b48e-0ba407ca3d4c Real Estate AuthorityWe have decided as a group, to share our insights with you applying our combined 250+ years of experience in the field. Here is a preview of many videos to come-we look forward to sharing more with you in the near future!2017-08-24T15:37:00Z05dd4a8f-2947-400a-8f0e-300f8ae6a490 Development CancelledDunsire Developments, the company behind a set of luxurious townhouses (see above picture) has decided to pull the plug on their development projects in Lakeview on 1041 and 1407 Lakeshore Road East2017-08-18T17:04:00Zfe9ec7f3-9e02-4e64-a0e6-6ca0d3611296 of the Week - 496 Richey CrescentSpectacular Lakeside Executive Home with Stunning Views of Lake Ontario! 2017-08-18T14:36:00Ze1b11aec-dd72-413d-8266-f0f7412e7df1 Housing Market - Taking a Brief PauseMississauga, ON - The June Mississauga housing market stats are following the slow-down trend in the GTA as the number of unit sales decreased by 62% from 2016. On the positive side, the average sales price in June increased by 5% year over year for all property types in Mississauga. “The number of new listings continues to climb as home owners are listing their properties because they feel price growth may have peaked” says Kevin Larose of the Larose Real Estate Team2017-07-28T16:27:00Z553ed28e-d3e5-4628-9ecd-cd8b47ceaa76 the rate hike affects homeowners and buyersThe Bank of Canada has increased tis benchmark interest rate for the first time since 2010. 2017-07-17T17:33:00Z869b426a-d127-4e08-a065-5142cbffe1b5 Day ParadeThe Canada Day Parade in Port Credit had a huge turn out! We were thrilled to be a part of it and to celebrate Canada's 150th with the Mississauga community. The energy among the crowd was nothing short of amazing - a collective patriotic pride, proud to call Canada our home! Here are some of the highlights from the day. 2017-07-04T19:41:00Ze73ad72d-7eea-44d5-bc05-b3715afba5d6 150th Birthday Canada!Happy Canada Day!2017-06-29T15:21:00Z4c53a42e-c567-410a-9500-b2d0f41592c0 Property - 1565 Stavebank RdSpectacular 6300 Sq.Ft. Executive Home On Stunning 1 Acre Lot In Mineola West!2017-06-16T13:18:00Z033f90c0-88ad-4ca9-a699-0ff0d1adf345 Listings Increase in MayTORONTO, June 5, 2017 -- Toronto Real Estate Board President Larry Cerqua announced that Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 10,196 sales through TREB’s MLS® System in May 2017 – down by 20.3 per cent compared to 12,790 sales reported in May 2016. Sales of detached homes were down by 26.3 per cent. Sales of condominium apartments were down by 6.4 per cent.2017-06-09T15:33:00Z22aa5d75-5763-4e71-9c3f-1d11f7602bc3 Property - 1171 Sienna StStunning 4 Bedroom Family Home In The Heart Of Lorne Park. 2017-06-02T19:31:00Z16130e6a-565b-4361-a6da-9bbce68c27e6 of Canada Holds Interest RateThe Bank of Canada is sticking with its trendsetting interest rate of 0.5 per cent, saying uncertainties continue to overshadow the economy's stronger-than-expected start to the year.2017-05-26T13:30:00Z6a02b0e7-6667-4472-a73c-e773466e5771 5 questions you should ask a moving companyFinding a realiable mover can be daunting, but knwoing the right questions to ask will help through the process.2017-05-19T18:31:00Zc7a6f246-db48-4dba-9c17-9e8a71402226 Time Buyer? The Larose Team can help!The prospect of buying your first home can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Your purchase could well be the biggest financial investment of your life as well as one of the most rewarding. 2017-05-16T15:53:00Zc9a892e9-4b1a-4095-8953-1ae1e56a603d MinuteThe Toronto Real Estate Board announced that GTA REALTORS® entered 33.6 per cent more new listings into TREB's mls® system in April 2017,compared to the same month in 2016. New listings totaled 21,630 units T/Y over 16,190 L/Y. 2017-05-05T19:44:00Zfee979bc-576f-4955-bb8d-ab0de2c40a8c fair housing plan...continuedWe are already seeing effects the new measures are having on the market. Coupled with the fact that more new listings are coming up as we approach the peak spring market, this should help level off the multiple offer frenzy we have been experiencing and return the market to a more balanced state.2017-04-28T20:06:00Zf9dcd370-0fd9-4c00-8c29-f8781026e604 Fair Housing PlanAre the foreign buyers upsetting our markets so much that we have seen some 30+% gains year-over-year in real estate values? Will the 15% foreign tax make purchasing a home more affordable and available for Canadians ? I am not convinced. 2017-04-24T20:11:00Z3dd13402-8c31-4add-a53b-2f0e29102a23 2017: Sales are up + listings were down = Record PricesThe real estate market in the GTA is on fire as sales hit record highs with record low inventory levels. Toronto and the GTA’s hot housing market continues its rapid ascension with the number of resale home transactions up 17.7 percent.2017-04-20T14:05:00Z57925ac0-6b9e-4fe1-83cb-9118c61a8735 words from happy clients!Kevin helped my parents sell the family home and buy a condominium that was more suited to their needs. My parents had lived in their home for over forty years so it wasn’t an easy decision to sell.2017-04-19T13:24:00Zd739c1c2-dd8c-45e7-a2eb-b356ca8ff4a7 Credit Imperial Oil Lands - Master Plan UnveiledPlans for the development of the Imperial Oil Lands are now underway. Port Credit’s West Village Partners (WVP), an urban development firm that has purchased the 73 acres of space known as the Imperial Oil Lands in Port Credit, has unveiled its draft master plan. 2017-04-12T15:10:00Z29625a2a-1097-4d8a-904a-0a8c53651d30 are a relationship based business and have achieved 16 years of success thanks to a great team!The Larose team is looking fordynamic agents to join the team and help us with our business. We are currently seeking agents who have a license and are fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. 2017-04-03T15:37:00Zb2ba37db-25a0-4b95-972d-1cd603eaa417 changing landscape of South Mississauga’s LakeshoreA condo development in the heart of any neighbourhood will undoubtedly shake up the area, cause a stir among locals, and draw major interest from working professionals who have ruled out purchasing a detached home due to skyrocketing house prices. 2017-03-21T15:16:00Z679e879c-38fe-4f58-ad8e-7b383ba38a24 Buyers Tax Idea To Potentially Cool Housing MarketFinance Minister Charles Sousa announced that the Ontario government is considering a foreign homebuyers tax, in an effort to calm the erratic Toronto housing market.2017-03-10T20:10:00Z1d3fb113-b2dc-448c-8282-ff24f0a2ae1f to expect going into the Spring marketA market that’s really shifted since 2016 with fewer homes available has put a lot of pressure on the buyers. I have never experienced, in my 20 years in the business, the speed in which homes list and sel2017-02-21T16:23:00Z8f0706db-a9fb-4fc0-bd05-88a91831e2ae Releases Prediction for 2017: Another Hot Year Ahead!The real estate market in Toronto is in for another red- hot year in 2017 according to the Toronto Real Estate Board, which released its predictions for the coming year.2017-02-03T15:27:00Z5d12dd59-3824-4c5a-9176-c3f7fe187c84 Warns of Canada’s Too-Hot Housing Market The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) confirmed that it still sees strong evidence of problematic market conditions and will keep its warning firmly in place. 2017-01-31T16:57:00Zd38b0ada-548b-4bf0-85fe-fbb290c88e69 of Canada announces rateThe Central Bank makes its first announcement since Donald trump won the election2017-01-18T18:36:00Zb885c0f9-9272-442f-8a9f-181229def003 owners voice frustrations over Lakeview redevelopmentThe Lakeview Waterfront is being planned as an innovative, sustainable community. The 245-acre site is divided into four distinct precincts – Rangeview Estates, Ogden Village, Innovation Corridor and Cultural Waterfront – to reflect differences in planned function and character of the area.2017-01-17T21:05:00Z4d7a8461-2418-4cfe-b393-3b85b8a8442e November Market Still SoarsThough inventory may be slim, November showed that Toronto’s resale housing market continues to be strong, without any signs of slowing down. The Toronto Real Estate Board announced that Greater Toronto Realtors reported 8,547 home sales through TREB’s MLS system in November 2016, a 16% increase compared to last year. 2017-01-12T16:37:00Z67eef4e3-1b4e-4da2-8d67-8a0d7de2c5df minister takes ‘risk’ out of the market October brought forth an exciting announcement in the real estate market that preceded a shocking and awe-filled announcement in November.2017-01-11T14:21:00Z2712e834-12fb-41f8-bc95-3e40843ac31f Holidays from the Larose Team!A look inside the Larose Team office during the holidays. 2016-12-16T13:02:00Zfbc2c1ac-048f-4484-86d8-9f79d5263894 at the LighthouseThe South Mississauga community gathered on Saturday to visit the Christmas market at the foot of the lighthouse. 2016-12-05T17:12:00Z1ecc9e0c-4dad-41e9-9242-bb2b931db951 Solutions Holiday PartyThe KW Solutions family celebrated the holiday season together last night at the Crooked Cue in Port Credit2016-12-02T19:22:00Z29a77e27-0c27-488d-a3b7-16b7206f0bcc Sir Monty's Dr Open HouseJoin us for an open house tour of 1640 Sir Monty's Drive.2016-11-25T20:24:00Z0014518b-2bf9-46c0-9e08-eff918488fc5 in Port CreditThe Annual lighting of the Port Credit Lighthouse to kick off the Christmas season is happening Saturday, December 3rd. 2016-11-23T21:20:00Zec86ceaa-1bad-4bda-a076-8d375b07544d Launch VideoWe're excited to share a video of our brand launch event. Highlighting the evening with the Team, together with our extended professional partners, we discuss the message behind the new brand and how we plan to disrupt the industry. 2016-11-18T22:20:00Zcb27382d-58a4-473f-a780-d0efa120113c Team Brand Launch AnnouncmentYou’ve seen our Coming Soon posts, you’ve heard that our Team is making a change, and we are excited to officially announce the launch of The Larose Real Estate Team’s new brand. 2016-11-11T16:37:00Z