A Message From Kevin

A Message From Kevin

  • Kevin Larose
  • 12/15/20

First and foremost, knowing that COVID has affected families in so many different ways, our thoughts are with you and your love ones. Wishing you best health and happiness through this very different holiday season.

Looking back, it was late February I had my regular Friday poker night with the same friends for the past 10 plus years... talking about our families, politics, our businesses (all 7 poker players are in the real estate business) and of course this virus that was in the news. That Friday in February was my last poker night with some of my dear friends... we never thought for a second that we would be where we are today. Life as I knew it was turned upside down for my family as well as my business family.... I remember thinking how fortunate my family is - all healthy and together facing these unforeseen challenges with the mindset that “ we will get through this and how can we make a difference“. Fear is a funny thing? It can stop you, or challenge you to provide the courage you need to move forward. I was a told many years ago that when one is stressed with anxiety, focus on doing the work you are passionate about and make a difference in the lives that surround you.

It was the end of March and all our staff were now working from their homes. We put a plan in place that focused on the safety of our team and the families that we had the honour to help. Our one goal was to ensure proper protocols and strategies were in place that would remove the risks and at the same time guarantee a successful outcome for our clients. We as professional Realtors have the responsibility to understand the real estate market, what are the risks involved and opportunities that an individual or family that are buying or selling can expect? Here is where the rubber meets the road. I am proud of the people that make up the Larose Team. Our culture is one of caring, working together and supporting one another, with a high level of service as our clients are our number one priority .... clients first always.

With interest rates at an all time low and families talking about the future, real estate has become a priority for many families. Baby boomers downsizing earlier then planned - families planning to purchase a larger home that allows for in home office space - more green space is a requirement. Early April we started to see a real push for detached homes - really every sector other than condos started to see higher than previous years stats. Recreational properties were in high demand. People were excited about change and took on the challenge of making the move.

This pandemic has allowed us to re-evaluate the systems and tools and to ensure that all areas in our business are sealed tight and working at the level needed to create a safe environment for staff, team members and the clients we serve.

2020 has been the Larose Team's most successful year in the 21 years in business serving over 150 families with many great stories of kindness and appreciation.... I am thankful to my team and honoured to have the opportunity to make a difference in our clients lives.

It has always been our teams commitment to give where we live and this year more than others, giving back is so important . Our local food bank supporting the homeless is a cause that we support - our local Port Credit businesses need our community support more than ever. When thinking of giving, please consider your local food bank and shop in your local communities and help our local retailers and businesses.

2021 will be a different year yet again, and I am optimistic that a new better norm will have us gather with friends and family very soon.

Wishing you all the very best and have a safe holiday season.


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