The Best Activities in Mississauga

The Best Activities in Mississauga

  • Larose Team
  • 06/24/22

Located on the gorgeous waterfront of Lake Ontario, Mississauga is the sixth-largest city in Canada. This exciting and convenient location is known for its many attractions and proximity to major metropolitan areas like Toronto and world-renowned tourist destinations like Niagara Falls. With about 721,000, Mississauga's mid-size community offers its residents an impressive quality of life.

This city's desirability can be seen in its real estate listings. Houses in Mississauga are currently listing for 29% higher than last year and spend an average of only five days on the market. Residents and guests of Mississauga have no shortage of activities to do or sites to see, including family-friendly events, delightful local eateries, and stunning natural parks and trails. If you are hoping to visit or live along the Mississauga waterfront, here is just a selection of the possible activities and events to enjoy.

Celebrate the summer with the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra

Photo courtesy of Mississauga Symphony Orchestra
The city of Mississauga features a thriving local culture with highlights such as the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra, or MSO. Over the past fifty years, the MSO has been enriching the lives of residents and visitors of the area by cultivating one of the most enchanting experiences the city has to offer.

This summer, join the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra for their concert series. In June of 2022, the MSO will dazzle concert-goers with their 50th Anniversary Celebration and fireworks show called Orchestral Fireworks: A 50th Anniversary Celebration of MSO. The program will feature popular classical works from Franz Joseph Haydn, George Frideric Handel, and Ottorino Respighi.

Living near the Mississauga waterfront will give you access to many events in the city, like other concerts held at the city's Hammerson Hall — also known as the Living Arts Center of Mississauga. The summer program of 2022 will host The Zombies featuring Altameda and Get the Led Out and many other exciting events. 

Explore the city's local gems

If you already live in one of the houses in Mississauga, you may feel like you have already explored everything the city offers. However, with so much to see and do in the area, even longtime residents can enjoy exploring new and exciting parts of the city. Mississauga residents can enjoy many hidden and lesser-known attractions with a free Local Gems Pass.

With this pass, Mississauga explorers can earn rewards for trying new restaurants and visiting landmarks. Those who participate can win $25-$100 gift cards, but the real prize is relishing in Mississauga's sheer variety of cuisine and culture.
Photo courtesy of Michael Eats
The local gem tour includes the Benares Historic House — a 165-year-old estate with an interpretive gallery of family artifacts, rotating artwork, and beautiful flower beds along the grounds. Additionally, one of the local eateries featured is Daddy O Doughnuts and British Baked Goods. This 1950s themed bakeshop serves traditional donuts baked using natural ingredients and family recipes passed down through several generations. 

Enjoy the waterfront

While touring houses in Mississauga searching for your dream home, make time to visit the magnificent Mississauga waterfront. The charming Port Credit Lighthouse is a must-see attraction — an impressive (and still functioning) landmark built in 1991 to replace the city's original structure lost to a fire in the 1930s. Visitors will be afforded sweeping views of the Port Credit Harbor from this structure's iconic white and red building.
Photo courtesy of
Also located on the Mississauga waterfront is the largest freshwater marina in Canada — the Port Credit Harbour Marina. At its entrance, visitors are greeted by The Ridgetown, a Great Lakes Freighter that has been a permanent staple of the marina since the 1970s. This ship was once called the S.S. William E. Corey, but it is now a breakwater for the harbor. The Port Credit Harbour Marina is one of the many fascinating historical locations residents can visit and learn more about their city and is indicative of how proud Mississauga is of its past and present.

There is plenty more to do and see along the water, from participating in the Great Ontario Salmon Derby to watching a regatta featuring The Mississauga Canoe Club and the Don Rowing Club. If you are excited to join in the fun, residents can rent canoes, kayaks, and jet skis to experience the water firsthand. 

Tour the parks and trails

Besides being known for its waterfront, Mississauga is filled with plenty of green spaces to relax and explore. Flower enthusiasts will be thrilled to see Brueckner Rhododendron Garden, one of Canada's largest publicly owned collections of these gorgeous flowers. While featuring other perennials and shrubs, the garden shows off its natural beauty year-round, while May and late June are the best to see the flowers in their full blooming glory.
Photo courtesy of Places, Kariya Park Japanese Gardens
Residents of Mississauga can find an oasis of tranquility in the heart of downtown while visiting the Cooksville Creek Trail — a combination of paved road and gravel which connects to The Waterfront Trail. Another peaceful getaway at the city's center is the Kariya Park Japanese Gardens. Named after Mississauga's sister city in Japan, this collection of exquisitely manicured greenery features the official flower of Kariya: the Rabbit-Ear Iris. The gardens are also complete with a serene body of water surrounded by sweet gum, ginkgo, and pine trees.

Bird watchers and nature enthusiasts often frequent Erindale Park — the most significant outdoor space in Mississauga. Visitors can follow its trails to find great views of its many ravines and the best salmon and trout fishing spots in the Credit River. Even in winter, the park entertains visitors with a tobogganing hill.

Hiking and biking enthusiasts in Mississauga will enjoy traversing the over 1400 kilometers (870 miles) of The Waterfront Trail. As this trail reaches Windsor to the Quebec border, only a portion of it lies in Mississauga. This breathtaking trail is a project from the Waterfront Regeneration Trust and connects over one hundred and fifty communities to the water.

If you’re interested to learn more about events and activities in the area or about Mississauga real estate, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Larose Team for expert guidance.

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